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[ mood | filthy mcnasty ]

i forgot i had this thing.

go Blue Moon.

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[ mood | very fuckin happy ]

4th of July was pretty sweet.

got up kinda late.
me and my dad put a new ceiling fan in my room.
cooked some burgers for my grandma and my sister.
went to dave's.
had pizza. weird, kinda? yeah, i guess.
drove far as hell to pick up my lady but it was worth it to see her. :)
had some beers.
hung out.
jumped the wall to watch fireworks. behind the freeway.
me and dave went back to get more beers from his fridge only to realize there were only 2 left. and only a little liquor left.
did three shots with dave.
toasted to america being such a great country.
watched fireworks.
watched date movie.
watched hostil.
more beers during all of that.
fell asleep with my baby.

what a great day.

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holy hell.
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LJ Interests meme results

  1. applebee's happy hour:
    the greatest happy hour ever.

    half priced appetizers and alcohol. too bad im not 21.

    shitty service, so dont tip. hahaha. BITCHES.
  2. as i lay dying:
    fuckin heavy ass fuckin shit metal shit that fuck you.

    listen to it.
  3. copeland:
    fuckin great band. GREAT!!!!!!!!
  4. food:
    the stuff that i stuff my face with. i live to eat, not eat to live.

    vegetables are bad for you!
  5. green day:
    oh, i get to see them in 6 days so suck my dick.

    one of the greatest!
  6. life:
    those things we live.
  7. saosin:
    fuckin great band

    before anthony green left.
  8. straylight run:
    john nolan. michelle nolan. will noon. shaun cooper.

    2 members from TBS. great soft rock indie type of shit. listen you might like.
  9. the bled:
    in the time that you have spent reading this the bled have written 10 songs that will kill you.
  10. work:
    you gotta work for it.

    i clean tables 4 nites a week.
    shut up.

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.

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friday - tucson. fall of troy. no sleep.
saturday - i saw 40 year old virgin with dina. jonathans bday thing at PF Chang's. went to my cousins house.
today - homework. clean. work.

that is all.

friday is my birthday and we have a show.

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serious this time.
last public entry.

im only doing this for an attention getter when people stumble across my lj.

im nate. im 18. i love my friends, music, purevolume, food, and guitar.
im not a fan of stereotypes and labels. i dont believe in labeling a band as certain "music genres" around today. i just dont like labels. i dont judge ppl. and if i do, i do it for who they are, not what ppl THINK they are.
i honestly think its bullshit to label or tag someone as a genre of music (or what ppl THINK is a genre of music)
i listen to and can appreciate different types of music, although i prefer rock.
brand new to the bled. jimmy eat world to ramones. blink 182 to michelle branch. dashboard to metallica. to straylight run to nirvana.

i want to be a musician and maybe someday open a business with my dad or sumthin.
i dont judge or anything.
i play sports occasionally for fun. not competition

add me or dont.
ask me to and i will.
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the 86th floor has never felt like such a big long fall, it takes longer in real life. [Wednesday
[ mood | happy ]

im so hyped for october 9th!!!

the bled
senses fail

not sure what order, or whos headlining, probly senses fail. but what do i know?

so on the 21st im gonna go get the new green day and anadivine cd's. while im there im gonna pick up the re-release of "when broken is easily fixed"
omg that cd is the shit.
silverstein is like really good. and i cant wait to see them again.

last time they were soo bad ass.
w/emery, hawthorne heights, and alexisonfire.
wow, good show.
only i wasnt a fan of alexisonfire then, so boo.

practice today.

tell all your muther fucking friends: www.purevolume.com/tomorrowbringsnothing


saw josh today as i was leavin, i was like

i think he was just gettin there.

lets find out, shall we?
SKAlvnEMOwhr: I saw you today
deservestoburn: u did.
deservestoburn: were u just getting there?
SKAlvnEMOwhr: I left right before third and came back 5th

hehe. jk.

i hate being single. it sucks. especially when ive NEVER had a girlfriend.

anyway, this is my last public entry.

i keep forgetting on some of the entries to make them friends only.
so no mas to my non-amigos.
but leave a comment and i will add you.

rock n roll
and most of all: FUCK THE LABEL

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i think i need a new icon.
or a new screen name.
no, no new screen name.
just a new icon.

above all i need someone to hold.
i hate this.

it gets old after 18 years.
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im also making this entry public. [Sunday
i just found out that dylans doing okay.
thats good news.
the whole nite at work that was pretty much all i thought about. it was terrible.

dylan: im really glad youre okay.

and since im making this entry public, i would like to take this chance to say whats on my mind to someone:

everyone's caught on to everything you do.

dustin, i hope you read this.

you piece of shit.

you break up with brittney, and then suddenly decide to call me and ask how i am. you try to be friends with ricky after all the shit you said about him.

what is wrong with you?

you lose brittney, THEN realize your mistakes.
no. no way. fuck that shit.

brittney changed you.
shes a bitch.
i hated her from the start.
and i honestly wish i could say the same about you.
i wish i could say i hated you from the start.

the only good things you did for me were introduce me to dina, paul, ricky, eddie, and steven.

other than that you are a complete worthless piece of shit.
ill NEVER forget what you did to me.
much more, what you did to

everyone else that loved you.
not love.

so FUCK OFF!!!!!!
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friends only

comment to be added.
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[ mood | tired ]

all i ever wanted was love and happy afternoons.

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i want this so badly. so much you'll never even know.
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[ mood | sad ]

there's just no way easy out is there?

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i'll never amount to anything, anyway [Saturday
[ mood | sad ]

i dont want to feel this way forever

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wasting time? [Saturday
[ mood | depressed ]

"Sometimes I sit at home and
Wonder if she's sitting at home,
Thinking of me and wondering if I'm
sitting at home, thinking about her
Or am I just wasting my time"

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all i have is now in my hands, this bottle of booze and a razor blade. [Saturday
[ mood | depressed ]

"I'm not okay
I'm not okay
Well, I'm not okay
I'm not o-fucking-kay
I'm not okay
I'm not okay"

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the farthest thing from me [Saturday
your face is so contagious, it wears announcements,
it leaves me breathless, i won't forget this. I won't forget.
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[ mood | depressed ]

sometimes it gets so hard to breathe.

your eyes see right through me.

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