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i want to bring you all that is in my heart

i want to bring you my everything

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i'm nate. i'm 19. that's it.

my background was taken from: xpunkrockgrlx and moshpit_layouts

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looking at the stars are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

one night opens wounds and words utter pain
the truth cannot breathe a one in your soul
you’ve hid hearts and songs as long as you recall
his kind words just fall near your feet
with their last air,
all they want done is to be heard in your sweet ears just once

you always amazed me
but that's the past
you always amazed me
but that's the past

i kept silent and it rained for days
my insides were drenched
but i guess that's the part of growing up
i never wanted to learn

and i grew into the man
that you never knew
but i wouldn't be this way
if it wasn't for you
100 thank you's
if this is love
fairy tales never came true
judies are black and in full bloom
and i died in the womb

take it back, all that's gone
it's all still there like you left it
december stayed the same
nothing ever changed but you

every dream covered in dents
love can't fly tonight
couples will rest, i'll be sleepless
so cry yourself to sleep
this isnt about broken hearts
this is about me
bending again for nothing (nothing)

id run to you but pain awaits
im coming home
but ill be late
no deeper than imagination can be
sight with nothing to see

whats faith if i cant belive
its everything
a cure but i make it a disease
God take me because i hate me